'The hand pointing to the
moon is not the moon
Zen saying



Buddhist doctrine suggest that beliefs are considered to be barriers to realization. Initially people taking an inetrest in studying buddhism are usually introduced to l doctrines - the Four Noble Truths, the Five Skandhas, the Eightfold Path. and studentare urged to 'understand' the teachings and 'practice' them. However, 'believing in' doctrines of Buddhism is not the sole purpose or even the point of Buddhism.


The historical Buddha taught a method for understanding oneself and the world in a different way. Solely believing in words and concepts is not a meant Buddhist path. For instance there is no point in believing in reincarnation and /rebirth, As oneOne practices Buddhism in order to realize a self not subject to birth and death.

To argue that doctrines and teachings shouldn't be accepted on blind faith doesn't mean they are not important. These taechings are are like maps to follow on a spiritual journey. For instancedaily meditation or chanting may seem pointless, but when practiced with sincerity they have a real impact on your life and outlook.


If you want to learn about Buddhism place aside all assumptions of Buddhism, and religion. Put aside assumptions about the nature of self, reality,o f existence and open up yourself to new understandings. Whatever beliefs you hold, hold in an open hand and not a tight fist.Practice, and see where it takes you.

extracts from About Buhddism