It is from ignorance and greed that
the world of delusion is born, and all the vast complexity of coordinating cause and conditions exists within
the mind and nowhere else




At the very beginning of the Path to Enlightenment there are twenty difficulties for us to overcome in this world and they are:


It is hard:
- for a poor man to be generous.
- for a proud man to learn the Way of Enlightenment.

- to seek Enlightenment at the cost of self sacrifice.

- to be born while Buddha is in the world.

- to keep the mind pure against the instincts of the body.

- not to desire things that are beautiful and attractive.

- for a strong man not to use his strength to satisfy his desires.

- not to get angry when one is insulted.

- to remain innocent when tempted by sudden circumstances.

- not to despise a beginner.

- to keep oneself humble.

- to find good friends.

- to endure the disciipline that leads to enlightenment.

- not to be disturbed by external conditions and circumstances.

- to teach others by knowing their abilities

- to maintain a peaceful mind.

- not to argue about right and wrong.

- to find and learn a good method.