Three things cannot be long
hidden: the sun, the moon,

and the truth.


The Buddha



The Buddha said there are twelve links (nidanas) in the "chain" of Dependent Origination. The links reveal how things come to be, are, and cease to be.

There are vast amounts of teachings and commentaries on how Dependent Origination works. The most basic understanding usually begins with the Twelve Links, which are said to describe a chain of causes that lead to other causes. It is important to understand that the links form a circle; there is no first link.

The twelve links are ignorance; volitional formations; consciousness; mind/body; senses and sense objects; the contact between sense organs, sense objects, and consciousness; feelings; craving; attachment; coming to be; birth; and old age and death. The twelve links are illustrated in the outer rim of the Bhavachakra (Wheel of Life).

Nothing Is Absolute


No beings or phenomena exist independently of other beings and phenomena. All beings and phenomena are caused to exist by other beings and phenomena. Further, the beings and phenomena thus caused to exist cause other beings and phenomena to exist. Things and beings perpetually arise and perpetually cease because other things and beings perpetually arise and perpetually cease. All this arising and being and ceasing go on in one vast field or nexus of beingness.

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