It is a man's own mind, not

his enemy or foe, that lures
him to evil ways.


The Buddha


The First Noble Truth teaches that life involves suffering.


The Second Noble Truth holds that all suffering is caused by selfish craving. Craving in turn is rooted in ignorance, a distorted understanding of ourselves and the world.


The Third Noble Truth states that by eliminating ignorance and craving we can overcome suffering and thereby attain true happiness and peace.


The Fourth Noble Truth is the path to freedom from suffering, namely, the Noble Eightfold Path.


First Noble Truth
Is that life is suffering, it includes pain, aging, disease and ultimately death. We endure psychological sufferings such as loneliness, frustration, fear, embarrassment, disappointment and anger, all of whcih cannot be denied. It is 'real' rather than pessimistic (pessimism expects things to be bad). lnstead Buddhism explains how suffering can be avoided and how we can find true happiness.


Second Noble Truth
Is that suffering is caused by desrie and aversion. For instance we will suffer if we expect others to liveup to our expectation or want others to like us, or do not get something we want. In other words gainig always what we desire does not guarantee happiness.