Everyone is the master of himself,
he is the oasis he can depend on; therefore,everyone should control themselves above all.


The Buddha



Second Noble Truth (cont)


Rather than struggling to gain what you desire buddism suggests that you try to modify your desires as contunually 'wanting' deprives us of contentment and happiness. A lifetime ofdesire and craving to continue to exist creates a powerful energy which causes the individual to be reborn.Therefore, craving leads to physical suffering as it causes us to remain in ther cycle of rebirth and suffering.


Third Noble Truth
Is that suffering can be overcome and happiness can be achieved; that true happiness and contentment are possible. lf we give up useless desire and craving and learn to live each day at a time, rather than dwelling in the past and our dreams, we can become happy and free,giving us more time to assist others. This is truly Nirvana.


Fourth Noble Truth
The fourth noble truth is that the 8-fold Noble Path is the one which leads us to the end of suffering.