Three things cannot be long
hidden: the sun, the moon,

and the truth.


The Buddha



Dependent Origination -- Pratitya-samutpada is sometimes called the Buddhist Genesis, although it's a Genesis without a God or even a beginning.


The Buddhist Genesis has no God and no original cause. Things and beings come to be and pass away because other things and beings come to be and pass away. You are a phenomenon of a vast field of being-ness.


The Buddha said there are twelve links (nidanas) in the "chain" of Dependent Origination. The links reveal how things come to be, are, and cease to be.


Everything is interconnected. Everything affects everything else. Everything that is, is because other things are. This is the teaching of Dependent Origination. This teaching has many names. It is called Interdependent Origination, or (Inter)dependent Arising, or Co-Arising, or variations thereof. It's called Conditioned Genesis and Causal Nexus and many other things. It would be nice if English-speaking Buddhists could agree on a term, but so far we haven't. The Sanskrit is Pratitya-samutpada. I've found the Pali name spelled Panicca-samuppada, Paticca-samuppada and Patichcha-samuppada.


Whatever it is called, Dependent Origination is a core teaching of all schools of Buddhism.